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D-backs Preview #7: 4/8 @ Rockies

Rubber game, and the last of this opening road trip

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports


How bad has Madison Bumgarner been?

Yesterday was Bumgarner’s tenth start as a Diamondback, and he also passed the fifty inning threshold. His ERA for Arizona as a whole now stands at a meaty 7.28, and his FIP is also north of seven. The only comfort - and you have to squint a bit to see it - is that his FIP is actually better this year (6.25 vs. 7.18), meaning that his current 11.00 ERA is probably a bit unlucky. But it is safe to say that if something doesn’t change, Yasmany Tomas’s reign as the worst contract in franchise history will be under threat. So far, as Jack mentioned to me before that last outing, Bumgarner’s performance has been positively Ortiz-esque, or arguably even worse:

  • Russ Ortiz: 28 GS, 5-16, 7.00 ERA, 64 ERA+, 6.06 FIP
  • Madison Bumgarner: 10 GS, 1-5, 7.28 ERA, 62 ERA+, 7.01 FIP

It’s even less kind to MadBum if you look at Ortiz’s first 10 starts for us, where he had an ERA of 5.20. But right now, Bumgarner has the highest ERA ever, of any pitcher with 10+ starts for the Diamondbacks. Among all pitchers with 50 or more innings for Arizona, he trails only Eddie Oropesa’s 7.59, over 64 innings in 2002-03. It’s really not looking good, and with no apparent physical cause, it’s hard to see a way out, short of Bumgarner magically rediscovering his mojo. We’ll maybe revisit this one later in the year, when he and Ortiz have made the same number of starts here.

Torey Lovullo notes

  • Ketel Marte is getting treatment and will most likely have imaging done when he returns to Phoenix. No further clarification of how long he may be out at this time.
  • Kole Calhoun had 4 “normal” at bats, i.e. up downs, and played full defense. He is lobbying to get back onto the roster in time for home opener. Torey and the medical staff have not decided yet.
  • Zac Gallen threw 67 pitches, including his curveball (more than 1 per inning) in a sim game last night. They are still evaluating next steps.
  • Nick Ahmed had 9-10 at bats in the sim game. He did not say if Nick played any defense.
  • Torey said all 3 are progressing and moving in the right direction. He said all getting very close.
  • Dave McKay is still recovering and will not yet be on the field. Asked if Dave has been recuperating at home, Torey said ”yes, 90-95% of the time”
  • No further comment on Chris Devenski
  • More Lineup Discussion: I asked whether he preferred a “bad ball hitter” that would be harder to pitch around vs. a “plate discipline guy” who’s ability to take pitches might be wasted in front of the pitcher. Torey hedged on this, but he laughed and said I must have been talking to “Pipe”, who is the bench coach Luis Ureta. Ureta has been advocating for batting the pitcher 8th, but Torey is not ready to do that at this time.

Torey Lovullo audio [or link]