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Snake Bytes: 4/3 - Just Lulling Them to Sleep, Right?

The Diamondbacks have dropped the first two games of the season to the new-look Padres. Here’s hoping this is all just part of some plan to get other teams overly confident and have them fall asleep against Arizona when it matters most.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News

Arizona 2, San Diego 4

Merrill Kelly allowed three runs through four innings of work as a starter. Josh Rojas’ defense at shortstop, while not bad, reminded Arizona fans of just how spoiled they have been to have Nick Ahmed playing the position for the last five seasons. Ketel Marte, through two games, appears to be in 2019 form.

Kelly Pitches Into Fifth

Merrill Kelly pitched his way into the fifth inning, but could not make his way back out of that inning. He threw 94 pitches in the outing, 56 of them for strikes. For his first outing since the blood clot scare, this is an acceptable result. Hopefully, he will be able to build on it moving forward.

Is Marte Returning to 2019 Form?

It is only two games, but so far, Ketel Marte is 6-for-10 with a pair of home runs. He has been a dynamic force on the offense so far in Arizona’s two losses.

Other Baseball News

Opening Day Snap Judgements for Each Team

Let’s all overreact to the results from day one of the season.

Jose Altuve Scores on Infield Popup

Say what you want about Altuve, he is still an exciting player who plays heads-up baseball and will exploit teams not paying attention.

Bauer Makes LA Debut, Flirts with No-No

Trevor Bauer made his regular season debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers last night. He gave them exactly the sort of start they were hoping for when they paid him his record-setting annual salary.