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Pit Your Wits 2021: Week 1

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back!

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 That’s what they’re calling this trophy, symbolical of the National Collegiate Basketball Championship, yesterday at the UC Boosters Club meeting. Clasping it with happy hands are athletic director George Smith, center Dale Heidotting, coach Ed Jucker and cocaptain Carl Bouldin. Cincinnati Enquirer/Herb Heise 1961 Trophy The Enquirer/Herb Heise via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Welcome back, everyone, to Pit Your Wits, your weekly variety contest here at AZ Snakepit. I’m your host, ISH95, joining you on this adventure for my sixth season. After last season’s irregularities, I’m excited for a normal season, spread over a standard 162 game MLB season, so let’s jump right in.

Every week, I’ll give you guys a new prompt for you to work with. It could be a photo to caption, something timely, based off a baseball news story of the week, or something else entirely. You give your best response in the comments, and then vote on the other responses using that rec button. The top three rec getting posts will earn podium spots and points directly correlating to the number of recs they got.

The season will be split into to halves, corresponding with the traditional pre- and post-ASG halves of the MLB season. At the end of the first half, the commenter who has the most points will be declared the first finalist, then we wipe the leaderboard and start over for the second half to find our second finalist.

At the end of the season, we will have a championship week, where the two finalists will face off in a head to head battle where you, the reader, will judge their body of work based off their top three rec’d entries from their half of the season. You’ll then vote between the two, and the winner will be our PYW’s champion.

To do all that, though, we need a prompt. As you might have heard, mask enforcement at Chase Field already isn’t going great. How should those in attendance be... incentivized to cooperate? Be as creative as you want. Go!