D-backs and Gallen 5, Braves 0

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Due to last nights inclement weather, there will be a double header today, both games 7 innings. In game one, the pitching matchup will be Gallen against Bryse Wilson (RHP). Game two, starting 40 minutes after the conclusion of the first game will feature Bumgarner against TBD. Turambar gets the nightcap, which would have been yesterdays game. I was looking forward to doing Gallen's start, so I am glad they didn't have Madbum going in the first game. He was supposed to be last nights' starter.

The Braves are 9-10, but currently sit .5 back on the Phillies and Mets in the NL East. I don't think any of those teams are as bad as the standings indicate. Bryse Wilson only has 16 MLB games under his belt, so it should come as no surprise that only Asdrubal Cabrera has faced him. He singled in his only plate appearance. Gallen has only faced Ozuna and Panda, a combined 0-5, with a walk off him. A little surprised about that since Gallen came up with the Marlins. Looking more into it, Gallen has never faced the Braves themselves and the 3 PAs for Ozuna came on June 20, 2019, while Ozuna was still a cardinal (and before we got Gallen).

First Inning
First pitch of the ballgame, taken for a strike by Pavin, he will ground out to 3B two pitches later.
Calhoun 2 swings and a miss on 2 high fastballs. Launches the next pitch, off the brick area in RF for a single. Escobar popped up to Riley Smith. Peralta then grounded up the middle and Albies takes it to the bag himself forcing Calhoun.

Gallen goes 0-2 to Acuna and drills him in the hand. He is in a lot of pain. Trainer is looking at his hand. He is staying in the game and goes down to 1B. Good thing we are not playing a Clint Hurdle team. Our guy drills their first batter. Freeman now, Gallen has thrown over to 1B several times, he ends up striking out swinging.

Ozuna, who I have in my minor league team, now batting. Conflict of interest FIRED. Gallen on a 1-2 count looks at his card in his pocket and then strikes out Ozuna looking. Whatever was on there worked...Albies grounds out, 3U.

2nd inning
Vanmeter 3-0, low and inside, called a strike. WAT Doesnt matter walks on the next pitch. The ole 5 ball walk. The catcher threw to 2B. Vanmeter taking a normal secondary lead. Almost like when you accidentally press the wrong botton and throw to a random base in a PS4 game....a couple pitches later Wilson throws it into RF and Vanmeter goes to 3B.Very next pitch, Vogt sirens! 2-0 Dbacks! Ahmed flies out to CF. This guy is really rattled out there, doesnt know where its going. Heath full count and throws one in the dirt.Gallen squares up and fouls off a pitch that was probably a ball, Wilson throws another one away and Heath goes to 2B. Dude, the pitcher is giving himself up. Gallen advances Heath to 3B. Pavin Smith 3-2 count, fouled it off, then strikes out swinging at a pitch outside.

Swanson grounds out to Ahmed, Heredia becomes Gallen's 3rd strikeout, full count to Austin Riley bounces a changeup for a walk. The Braves Catcher Jackson, 1-13 on the year, wow...late step out there. Gallen was starting his windup. Grounds to Escobar, FC5-4.

3rd inning
Legacy moment: Rickey Henderson passed Babe Ruth for first in career walks on this day in 2001.
3-0 to Calhoun now, 42 pitches now for the Braves scrub, I mean pitcher.... 3-0 pitch is hit to the bleachers 5 rows deep! Escobar got a little too excited first pitch hacking. Peralta grounds to 2B on a pitch up and in. If the pitcher was pitching better I might say that was a good pitch and jammed him but I am not sure he meant to do that. Vanmeter strikes out ending it.

Gallen gets his counterpart to ground to 2B. Acuna also grounds out and Freeman lines one to Vanmeter. Good play.

4th inning
Vogt to lead off the inning, strikes out. Ahmed grounds to Swanson, doesnt handle it cleanly and the throw to 1B pulls Freeman off the bag. Ahmed runs, Wilson stepped off and throws to 2B and gets him. Swanson twisted his glove wrist on the tag. Heath struck out to end it. I think Ahmed was trying to test Smith from what happened 2 innings ago.

Ozuna strikes out on a dropped 3rd strike, throw to 1B. Albies pops up to Ahmed in shallow LF. Action in the Braves bullpen. Dansby Swanson now, HEATH JUST SAVED A GAPPER spectacular diving catch in left-centerfield. Got lots of love from the dugout and Ahmed.

5th inning
LHP Grant Dayton, is now in the game and taking over at SS for Swanson who bent his wrist last inning is Ehire Adrianza. Gallen 3-2, drops a drag bunt and he almost gets on. That was great. Pavin Smith drives it to deep CF, off the wall, and is in standing with a triple. Calhoun, 3-1, bounces it. Runners on the corners and 1 out. Escobar base hit past Adrianza, drives in Smith. Peralta, with 2 runners on, flies to RF. Vanmeter full count, grounds it up the middle through the pitch and into CF. 5-0 Dbacks now. Vogt flies out to LF to end it.

Heredia flies out to RF. 3-2 to Riley who pops up to Ahmed, Jackson strikes out.

6th inning
LHP Jesse Biddle now pitching for the Braves.
Ahmed welcomes him into the ballgame by hitting one off the LF wall for a double on the first pitch. Heath grounds out to SS. Gallen and Pavin Smith strike out to end it. Well, it started promising.

Adrianza making his first plate appearance, pops it up to Nick. A-tuna walks on 5 pitches. That's what my mind always calls him. Freeman dumps one in between Heath and Calhoun for the Braves first hit of the ballgame. Kole desperation dove for it, but had no real chance. Dugout appreciated the effort to save it. Runners on the corners now. Ozuna then grounds into a 5-4-3 double play!

7th inning
Wow, it's the 7th inning already? Biddle still out there.
Kole strikes out, Escobar flies out to CF and then Peralta GO5-3. All quick ABs, let's get this over with lol

To absolutely no ones surprise, Gallen is out there for the Braves 7th.
Albies flies out to RF, Panda to PH 2-1, Sandoval looks at a curveball in the middle of the plate for a strike, foul, fastball up tries to check it but the 3B ump rings him up. Heredia hacks at the first offering and flies out to Heath for the final out!

The final in Atlanta, in game 1 of the double header is 5-0 Dbacks. The Dbacks had 5 runs on 8 hits, the Braves no runs on 1 hit and committed 2 errors. Gallen needed 83 pitches in a complete game shutout. Per Hacks, "At 2:10, quickest Dback game since Apr 2018, when Pat Corbin beat SFG/Cueto 1-0. That was nine innings, in 2:05, and also a one hitter.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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What a Feeling: Zac Gallen, +26.3%
He's a Dream: VanMeter,+13.6%; Calhoun, +11.7%
Maniac: David Peralta, -4.4%

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Seems like a pretty good Sunday morning to me! Here's to an equally pleasant second game.