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Meme Monday 4/19: The Day Off

The team is off today and so am I

Good afternoon and welcome to the latest addition of Meme Monday. Today the Diamondbacks are off and technically, so am I. No work. But there is always work and some of us (unlike some of my fellow snake-pit writers) still get the job done and their assignments published on time, even on days off, or when we are in the woods camping etc. (get rid of those guys already, Jim....)

But back to the team and the memes. The Diamondbacks were swept by the A’s (who have won 8 in a row as of this post). Also the D-backs split a 4 game road series with Washington having destroyed Patrick Corbin in game 1 of the series. Destroyed Corbin. Destroyed.

Locastro was (and still is) God after he broke a stolen base record with 29 consecutive attempts and bases until when he was actually caught stealing he injured his finger in the process and slid onto the 10 day IL. May he heal quickly.

MadBum had a good game yesterday and earned the win on top of that. Way to go, bro. I am not one to complain at all but it did only take like 12 starts for us to get to this point, but keep grinding bro. The memes below about MadBum were pre yesterday, but could still come into play again.

Anyway, memes away!