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PYW’s 2021: Week 3

Let’s take a look to see how ya’ll think Chase Field should improve their food services...

Maclay seniors bite the 2-1A District Championship trophy, a tradition carried on by the graduating class each year. Maclay beat South Walton 23-6 to clinch the 2-1A District Championship title Friday Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Everyone was pretty stingy with their recs last week, so only one red comment this week. Just remember everyone, recs are free! They don’t cost you a penny! Feel free to hand them out! Anyway, That makes it easy to determine the winner, so congrats Jack!

Just sell one item, Cheesburgers! (And then a gif from something I don’t recognize of a guy yelling Cheesburgers!)

In second place, Mak, with something that would actually make things go smoother. Shame Levy’s can figure things out like this...

A four step process Before the game starts, pre-make and package every food item and every drink item. Place the packaged items in several buffet-like lines, replenish as needed. Customers make an on-line reserved time to enter the line. Customers go through the line picking up what they want, then pay as they leave.

And rounding out the top three, our only repeat winner this week, NikT77!

Moving forward the only accepted currency will be Snakepit Bucks If one has spent all their hard earned Snakepit Bucks at the Snakepit Casino, a system of IOU’s, promises, and Pinky Swears will be in place at a mere 23% interest rate. *Pinky Swears only available at the Team Shop on purchases above 1500 Snakepit Bucks

And lets see what that does to our leaderboard after one week!


Player Recs
Player Recs
Diamondhacks 9
Nikt77 5
Jack Sommers 4
Makakilo 3
AzRattler 2

Only two week’s in, but it’s close so far. Hacks has a decent, but hardly unsurmountable, lead. Behind him, everyone is right within arm’s reach of each other.

This week’s prompt comes courtesy of Jim, who was inspired by me getting a new tattoo the other day. Come up with the “best” idea for a Diamondbacks related tattoo. Go!