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Snake Bytes 4/1: April Cool

The regular season starts TODAY

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Diamondbacks News:

Friday’s Front Row Closed/Game 7 Grill Closed - New concepts coming soon

I know this was posted and touched-on in yesterday’s bytes but I wanted to add that while Friday’s offered a cool place to sit and watch the game I always found it utterly confusing on how to actually get into the place, or out of it once in. Fridays was NOTHING like the Draft Room which they seemed to know how to run a place at a ballpark either roping off near the entrance when full or reserved, or just letting people in and out as they pleased for 1 drink or 10. Don’t even get me started on Game 7 grill (formally Sliders). That place was a joke and other than some $4 pints pre-game, if you could fight the pre-game corn-hole crowd, it was never worth it. Game 7 had these nasty pterodactyl chicken wings at one time it was like they were trying too hard to be too fancy with their bar food. Imagine the entire wind, all attached in the places Ahmed attached them when he created the chicken...cooked....sauced....and layed out like some kebabs on your little kids plate. DOes not look good to eat it looks like burnt toddler arms. In the meanwhile the public bathroom entrance/exit was right next door to the kitchen staff entrance and exit to the main floor and I can recall several times the men's bathroom with inches of piss and water backed-up on the tile floor....feet away from the kitchen. Everyone would walk through the piss river in and out of that men’s room and back through the eating areas etc. F-THAT place. The upstairs never took off and was some sort of half game room with crappy trailer park like community games and 1 bartender for the entire area. I only went up there for faster beer service because I was soooooo thiiiiirstyyyyyy.

In closing, I hope the Diamondbacks lease the old Game 7 to someone who knows how to run a sports bar, cook, clean, and serve great drinks. Same thing with Friday’s Front Row.....leave that shit up to the pros, take yoiur little bit of $ off the top and let the pros run them shits.

Arizona Dbacks gain value in 2021: MLB Team Value list

From the article: Forbes recently released its MLB team values for 2021 and it values the Arizona Diamondbacks at $1.32 billion, up 2% from 2020, when the franchise was worth $1.29 billion.

The Diamondbacks are the 20th most-valuable franchise in baseball, the same position they held in 2020 and 2019.

Hazen: Closer situation will clear itself up early 2021

From the article: “Do I think we necessarily have a closer in name [Wednesday]? No. Do I think we’re going to have a closer within the first short window of time — just how things settle and guys taking roles? Yes I do,” Hazen said. “I just think that’s the way Torey’s kinda managed the bullpen from the very, very back.

Dbacks - Padre: Opening Day 2021 Live Stream, how to watch online, match-ups, more

Diamondbacks at Padres

Date: Thursday, April 1 |Time: 4:10 p.m. ET

Location: Petco Park — San Diego, California

Live stream: MLB.TV | TV: Bally Sports Arizona; Bally Sports San Diego

Probable pitchers: Madison Bumgarner (ARI) vs. Yu Darvish (SD)

Odds: SD -216; ARI +196; O/U: 8.5

Baseball News:

Most popular jerseys by state per MLBPA

From the Keegan:

The new baseball still seems juiced

From the article: MLB really did deploy a new ball this spring, and that ball will be in action when the regular season starts on Thursday. Snell’s and Cole’s anecdotal but expert perceptions may have even nailed some salient aspects of the ball’s feel and effects, and the ball may help pitchers miss more bats (much to the dismay of fans—and league executives—who are hoping to avoid a 16th consecutive increase in the average strikeout rate). But despite that pair’s spring success, the early returns suggest that the new ball is far from dead. In some respects, it seems more lively than ever. In fact, batted balls this spring have been more likely to leave the yard than they were in any preceding exhibition season dating back at least 15 years.

Mets, Lindor agree on 10 year $341 Million Dollar Dealio

From the article: Lindor, 27, joined the Mets from Cleveland in a six-player trade on Jan. 7. His new deal, coupled with his $22.3 million salary for 2021, means that the new Mets’ owner, Steven A. Cohen, has committed $363.3 million to Lindor, shattering the previous record for a Mets player: an eight-year, $138 million contract with the former third baseman David Wright.

Marlins new stadium name immediately becomes MLB’s most ridiculous

From the article: Say what you want the name “Guaranteed Rate Field”—at least it uses proper capitalization.

The same cannot be said for loanDepot park, the new home of the Miami Marlins. Team chief executive officer Derek Jeter announced the move on Wednesday, the day before Opening Day, calling it “beneficial to our organization” and citing the company’s belief in the Marlins and greater South Florida community.

Snek Byte:

There is an ancient connection between our saliva and snake venom

From the article: “This suggests that there is a common molecular framework between venom glands in snakes and salivary tissue in non-venomous mammals,” Barua said, adding that the shared attribute represents an ancient genetic makeup inherited by both modern animal groups.