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Meme Monday: Diamondbacks Meme Dump on the Wednesday Before Opening Day

It’s been a while

With spring training over and the season opening tomorrow, Meme Monday has returned. Most of you know how it works - I make some memes, find some memes, and then post those memes each Monday of the regular season. You all then share your original or found memes in the comment section and then your meme is either rec’d or ignored by your peers, depending on how good or bad the meme you posted is. RETURNING this season, each Monday the ‘pitter with the most rec’d meme will win a spectacular (and likely one of a kind) prize. Due to Covid-19, if you had won a prize during one of the past Meme Monday seasons and have yet to receive it - you will not. But you have a chance to start fresh and win AGAIN this season with your highly-rec’d meme.

Don’t give me that noise that you don’t know how to make a meme or that you aren’t funny like that. It’s easy to do and some of the unfunniest people on this site have made some of the best memes we have ever seen.

See below for easy meme-making links. to make memes - Smooth, easy, quick, and you can upload your own template or use theirs. to cut items from existing pictures to then paste onto your meme pic or .gif to make .gifs

See below for the memes:


Goldy’s ForeARMS