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Snake Bytes: 3/3 - A Less Than Inspiring Day

Tuesday’s developments did little to inspire confidences in this team moving forward.

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Diamondbacks News

San Diego 7, Arizona 2

Arizona surrendered a grand slam and a run-scoring double-steal against the division rival Padres in a game that was over mostly before it ever began.

Caleb Smith Gets First Look at Tatís

I learned don’t throw Tatís a fastball. - Caleb Smith

This tweet from Jeff Wiser pretty much says all that needs to be said.

Calhoun to Undergo Surgery for Torn Meniscus

Adding to the day’s bad news, the Diamondbacks learned they will be starting the season without their starting right fielder. Kole Calhoun is slated to undergo surgery on a torn meniscus in his right knee. Most estimates are that he will be out three to four weeks, plus rehab. The loss of Calhoun creates some interesting possibilities for the 26-man roster.

Other Baseball News

Does Justin Williams Have a Fourth Option Year?

Neither the Cardinals nor Justin Williams knows the answer to this question, one that will likely determine the final slot on St. Louis’ 26-man roster. Nothing like MLB waiting until the final seconds to make rulings that should have been hashed out a year ago, during the negotiations for a shortened season. The eventual outcome for Williams will have a ripple effect on the careers of many other minor leaguers as they enter the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

The Remaining Market for Jake Odorizzi

While I would not be advocating to give Odorizzi a three-year deal like he is looking for, it sure would be nice if Arizona was in the mix for his services at this point. It is times like this where it feels like Arizona simply is not trying, all because of a few dollars that they absolutely do have (or at least should).

The Return of the White Flag Trade

The Chicago Cubs are in a tough spot - and not because of finances. On paper, the Cubs are still a better than average team. They play in a mediocre division. Winning the NL Central is not out of the question. Advancing in the playoffs against the likes of Atlanta, New York, San Diego, or defending World Series champion Los Angeles seems unlikely though. Additionally, more than half their likely Opening Day roster is set to reach free agency at the end of the year. This puts the Cubs in a position where, if they are not running away with the NL Central, they almost certainly would be better off throwing in the towel on the season and trading away nearly every player not nailed down as the trade deadline nears.

Worst-kept Secret (The Athletic)

What did the Indians, MLB really know about Mickey Callaway’s behaviour?