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D-backs fans think work still needs to be done

Maybe the injury to Kole Calhoun changed the winter’s narrative?

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

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According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, a majority of Diamondbacks fans think the team needs to add someone to the roster before the season starts.

When asked what specifically could be improved, 59 percent of fans said they need to add hitting, while 32 percent said the Diamondbacks could add pitching.

This is particularly interesting, because when I posed a similar question at the beginning ot the off-season, the opinion was rather different. At the end of October, I asked, “What is the biggest area that Arizona needs to address this winter?”. While neither “defense” nor “nothing” were options in my poll, here were the results at that point:

  • 4% - The infield
  • 7% - The outfield
  • 41% - The starting pitching
  • 49% - The bullpen

That’s 11% for hitting, compared to a startling 90% for pitching [before you ask: rounding]. Now, the exact figures from the poll are:

  • 59% - Hitting
  • 32% - Pitching
  • 6% - Defense
  • 3% - Nothing

What changed over the four and a half months since? I’m curious to hear from those who took part, especially if they changed their view. But a couple of things I can think of might have played into it. Firstly, the Diamondbacks did actually address the pitching, with the signing of relievers Tyler Clippard and Joakim Soria. The apparent, if tiny sample size, return to form of Madison Bumgarner in spring training may also have helped reduce concerns in that area. Conversely, the injury/illness of Kole Calhoun and Tim Locastro have shone a light on the team’s apparent lack of depth in the outfield. Add Nick Ahmed’s issues and you can see why hitting might be seen as more problematic.

Around the league, two-thirds of fans believe their team needs to add a player with just over half of MLB fans wanting their team to add a pitcher. I guess, as fans, we’re never satisfied. Even for the World Series Champion* Dodgers, barely half of their fans chose the “Nothing” option. They and Padres’ fans (39%) were the only two team where even one-quarter of fans were happy with the current roster. For six teams, nobody was satisfied, for example, with every single Angels fan polled stating that more pitching needed to be acquired. There’s still time, though the top free agents are now largely signed. We’ll see if the D-backs stand pat, or decide to pick up a last-minute bargain.

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