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Snake Bytes: 3/10 - Still Working on Things

Luke Weaver got a bit beat up on Tuesday, but he also seemed to find his groove with his slider. Will this help improve him out of the rotation this season?

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic

Diamondbacks News

Colorado 11, Arizona 4

Luke Weaver abandoned his wind-up and spent a fair amount of time working on his slider. This resulted in giving up back-to-back home runs and surrendering four runs in total across three innings. Things did not fare much better for Corbin Martin or Tyler Clippard. In fact, the only pitchers who looked crisp were Cricthon and Bukauskas, the latter continuing to make a strong case for being part of the Opening Day 26-man roster.

Weaver Hones Slider

There is a reason fans are often reminded not to make too much of spring training results. Luke Weaver throwing slider after slider instead of mixing his pitches is a prime example of why.

Weaver Works on Slider While Ahmed Mends and Other Updates

Weaver’s slider started looking good by the time his afternoon was over. Nick Ahmed continues to be day-to-day, but Lovullo has faith that this is still a temporary thing. Josh Rojas is making some serious noise with regard to his candidacy for the 26-man roster. Jon Duplantier and Taylor Widener pitched in a B-game on Tuesday. Widener is once again being stretched out to put in starter innings while Duplantier looked strong in his two innings of work to open the game.

Other Baseball News

The New Life of Todd Stottlemyre

Old friend alert. Todd Stottlemyre has found a new calling in life since retiring from baseball in 2002. Now, he channels the lessons he learned from the death of his younger brother at age 11 and his time playing the game to be a successful life coach for executives and athletes.

Hype or Hyperbole: Seven Spring Declarations

Every spring brings a number of grand declarations. Many tend to be all bluster and no substance. Sometimes though, the declarations are just the beginning of something special.

David Price, Dodgers Ready for Whatever

The idea that David Price may be pitching out of the bullpen and that he is ready to embrace the role is just another example of the Dodgers’ embarrassment of riches.

The Dream of Shohei Ohtani Is Alive

Among those aforementioned hype narratives coming out of spring is the return of a healthy Shohei Ohtani to the Angels. If Ohtani can remain healthy, his return might be the biggest story out there. The hype of Ohtani is beginning to reach peaks it has not seen since he signed with the Angels in the first place. When healthy, Ohtani is one of the most exciting players in the sport. The pairing of a healthy Ohtani with the game’s best player, Mike Trout, might just help the Angels reach the playoffs in 2021, something that would be nice for Trout, as he has languished on a series of poor teams since signing his extension.