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Spring Training Gameday Thread #2: 3/1 vs. Brewers

Another slightly-less-than-full game for the D-backs today. If anyone in the valley is paying attention...

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Diamondbacks line-up

  1. Stephen Vogt, C
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, 3B
  3. Christian Walker, 1B
  4. Josh VanMeter, 2B
  5. Tim Locastro, CF
  6. Josh Rojas, SS
  7. Andy Young, LF
  8. Pavin Smith, RF
  9. Wyatt Mathisen, DH
    + Merrill Kelly, P


Okay, maybe not. If you missed yesterday’s comments by Torey Lovullo, he warned us this was going to happen, using it as an example of why you shouldn’t read too much into line-ups at this point of spring training. The purpose today is to try and get Vogt his two plate appearances as quickly as possible, so he can then be taken out of the game. But if we are going to read things into this line-up, I note Smith, who started at first yesterday, starting today in the outfield. Perhaps related (or perhaps not), we can also cross one non-roster candidate off the list of potential players for the year:

That thins the already limited herd of “pure” outfielders in camp a bit further. And if you were unhappy with yesterday’s game, going eight innings and including a frame with less than three outs - hello, ‘hacks! - you’re going to LOVE this...

I presume this means the Brewers will bat in the top of the eighth, as the “road” team, and that will be that. As DbacksEurope noted in this morning’s Snake Bytes, these shortened games seem to have been happening a lot more this year than I remember previously. Most contests yesterday ended after seven innings. I guess it depends on exactly what managers want their teams to get out of the contest. But I must confess, ‘hacks does have a point - I don’t imagine the teams offering 33% off coupons to departing fans, because the game ran a third shorter than it was originally scheduled.

This game is not available on TV, but is being radio-cast through the team’s website at