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Snake Bytes: 2/3 - Two Weeks and Counting

Short of some sort of major alteration of the current status of things, MLB’s spring training will start two weeks from today.

Diamondbacks News

Steve Gilbert Reviews the NL West’s Catching

Will Smith helps the Dodgers to secure the spot of top catching team in the NL West, while the grades for Carson Kelly and Daulton Varsho remain incomplete.

Stories of Strength

Warning, these stories deal with the serious issues of mental health and suicide and how some players are coping with these issues. The second is very lengthy and graphic, but is an amazing tale of recovery.

Andrelton Simmons Opens Up About Depression, Suicidal Thoughts

Last season, Andrelton Simmons surprised the baseball world by suddenly electing to opt-out of the final week of the Angels’ shortened season. Then, he refused to discuss why with anyone. Then, Simmons signed a one-year deal to play for the Minnesota Twins. At the press conference to announce the signing, Simmons still refused to discuss his decision to opt-out. Two days later, Simmons had a change of heart, sharing his story of how depression and suicidal ideation led to his making the hard choice to opt-out of the final week of the 2020 pandemic season.

“Now seeing how more and more people are struggling with depression, anxiety and suicide I felt it might be time to share a little piece of my story,” he wrote. “I was afraid of people judging and people twisting my story.”

SF Giants Outfielder Drew Robinson’s Remarkable Second Act

On April 16, 2020, during the beginning of the pandemic’s shut-in, Drew Robinson went through a very deliberate routine to settle all his affairs before he ended his life. Twenty hours after he shot himself in the head, he picked up his phone and dialed 9-1-1. He wanted to live. Now, not only is Robinson living a better, happier life, he remains a part of the Giants orgainzation and looks forward to a chance to crack the roster out of spring training. This is his story.

Other Baseball News

MLBPA Rejects Offer, Spring Training to Begin On-Time

The MLBPA has elected to reject the owners’ proposal of a 154-game season that would have started a month late and also paid the players their full 162-game salaries. As a result, MLB is now slated to move forward with a “normal” 162-game season that will start without any delays.

Angels Suspend Mickey Callaway

The Angels have suspended Mickey Callaway over allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards several women in sports media.

Cubs Sign Re-Sign Andrew Chafin

Old friend alert. Left-handed reliever, Andrew Chafin, is in agreement with the Chicago Cubs to return for the 2021 season. The deal is a 1-year/$2.25 million deal with a second hear option valued at $5.25 million that comes with a $500,000 buyout. Chafin joined the Cubs at the tail end of last season when the long-time Arizona reliever was moved at the trade deadline for minor league infielder, Ronny Simon.

Twins, Nelson Cruz Reuniting

With clarity now in place regarding the 2021 DH, Nelson Cruz and the Minnesota Twins have come to an agreement for the slugger to return to Minnesota on a 1-yr/$13 million deal. Cruz had been spending the winter in search of a two-year pact, but that did not develop, possibly because of age, possibly because the changing reality brought on by COVID.