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Arizona Diamondbacks spring updates, 2/23

New guy Asdrubal Cabrera spoke to the media for the first time

Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Torey Lovullo

  • Bumgarner threw live BP today from the mound today. Torey spoke with him, and said he felt good and looked sharp for first time facing live hitters
  • Joakim Soria reminds Torey a bit of Zack Greinke in how he prepares. Lovullo used the word “precise” to describe his habits in comparison to ZG
  • His first bullpen, Soria was pinpoint with his fastballs to either side of the plate. His next bullpen he worked on a mix of changeups. Today he was spinning breaking balls
  • No injury or COVID-19 updates to report. But Yoan Lopez, who had missed the previous two days passing a kidney stone, was back in camp today.

Lovullo audio [link for mobile]

Asdrubal Cabrera

  • What did he like about Arizona? He heard they like to have fun in Arizona and also he played for Torey in Buffalo back in the day, so those were positives for him when considering the Diamondbacks
  • Like the veteran he is, Cabrera likes and is ready to play all around the diamond. First-base, third-base, second - it doesn’t matter to him.
  • On the difference between Spring Training in Arizona and Florida and his preference. He feels, for a rookie, playing in Arizona is better because there is less travel needed and more time to focus and practice. He lives in Florida for now though, so being here for Spring is like a long road trip, but he is just focused on getting prepared.
  • He said he was friends with and had talked to Eduardo Escobar a lot when Escobar was in Minnesota and was happy to see him get a chance in Arizona and succeed. They keep in touch during the off season

Cabrera audio [link for mobile]