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Snake Bytes: 2/17 - It’s Spring! (no really) Pitchers and Catchers Report

Pitchers and catchers report today, heralding in sunny, balmy weather.

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Diamondbacks News

Hazen Discusses 2021 Challenges

Mike Hazen joined Doug & Wolf on day one of Newsmakers Week on 98.7 FM.

Best Homegrown Talent in Team History

Steve Gilbert rates the top five best homegrown talents in team history. Anyone surprised by the top name hasn’t paid much attention to Diamondbacks baseball in a decade.

Other Baseball News

Spring Training: What You Need to Know

Here is a quick FAQ primer to cover some of the issues pertaining to another pandemic-plagued season.

Eight Stories to Watch

Now that spring training has officially arrived, here are eight stories to watch as the league moves toward Opening Day, including the on-going saga of many quality free agents still waiting for a contract.

One Spring Concern for Each Team (ESPN+)

For Arizona, many will be keyed in on Madison Bumgarner and how he bounces back from a disastrous 2020.

The Luxury Tax Boogeyman

About those unsigned free agents, the pandemic certainly is playing its part. The pandemic is not the only reason teams are citing for being frugal though. Yet, the competitive balance tax is not at all the threat some make it out to be. Stuff like this is what is stoking the fires as the games races headlong towards the next CBA negotiations.

The Rays Filled Out Their Rotation

The Rays appear to be heading for a season of pitching innings management even more extreme than what they had in 2018. The frugal but competitive Rays signed two pitchers over the holiday weekend: 40-year-old lefty Rich Hill and 33-year-old right-hander Collin McHugh, each at one year apiece, with the former set to make $2.5 million and the latter $1.8 million. These could be quality arms to fill out the rotation, but just how many innings will they get from the pair?

Detroit Mulling 6-Man Rotation

Tigers GM, Al Avila has intimated that the Tigers could be moving towards a 6-man rotation as they navigate the pandemic and the new realities of the game.

Drug of Abuse vs Pills (The Athletic)

Former left-handed pitcher, John Lamb, opens up about how being designated for assignment also sunk his career. It wasn’t about his ability, it was about marijuana; a drug he could permissably use for pain management while in the Majors, but was forced to abandon when he was no longer rostered. It didn’t matter that he weaned himself off the drug, he was still suspended for 50 games for the drug of abuse, which sunk even his foreign prospects for continuing to pitch.