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Your Saturday Sporcle: 100-win active pitchers

Only 20 active pitchers have won 100 games. Do you know who they are?

Pittsburgh Pirates v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Before we get to that, last week’s 200-HR club Sporcle proved the most popular quiz of the year so far, with over 150 participants all told. This one didn’t prove too taxing, with an average score of 58%. Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera were the two most well-known names, both being successfully guessed by over 90% of participants. On the other hand, not many people seemed to guess that Todd Frazier and Carlos Santana were members of the club, each being found by under 20% of Sporclers (Sporcleites? Sporcleistas?).

Anyway, we move to the other side of the equation, with the pitchers who have picked up 100 or more wins. I was quite surprised to find out there were only twenty of them. I mean, since 1871, there are 631 pitchers to have reached three digits in their careers for victories. So I’d have expected barely more than 3% to be active at this point. But, I guess wins are more spread around then ever before. A 20-win season used to be the mark of an All-Star. But there haven’t been more than three in a year since 2012. [In 2001, there were seven. Bonus point if you can name them all: answer at the end] So, here you go. Last names as only are fine. I’d expect you to get 12 or more - not least the 4 with an AZ connection!

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