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Snake Bytes: 12/15 - The Quiet Season

Even if there was no lockout, we are now entering the two-week period during which there is usually nothing much to report on in baseball.

Farmland Cover Snow Photo credit should read Wang Jiang / Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Phillies Sign Six to Minor League Deals
At this point, it is looking like most of the usual February minor league deals are going to be inked before New Year’s Day.

Showalter, Quatraro Headline Second Interview List for Mets
The Astros’ Joe Espada will also be interviewed. Steve Cohen is now entering the process.

Umpire Provides Relief to Kentucky Hometown
MLB Umpire, Tripp Gibson calls Mayfield, Kentucky his hometown. They are in need of all the help they can get right now.

Seven Under-the-Radar HoF Candidates
Two of these seven are about as borderline as they come, with one probably falling on each side of the line.

MLB Makes Verlander Deal Official
There were some doubts about the Astros’ contract with Justin Verlander, as it had not been made official before the lockout. However, MLB has now signed off on the deal, confirming that all relevant parties had indeed signed off on the contract before the lockout deadline.