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2021 Game of the Year: Nominations open

At least fewer wins makes the process a bit simpler...

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Taking it as read that the game of the year should be a W, that does mean we can immediately cross 110 contenders of the list, in a Squid Game-like display of savage reduction. This is definitely one of the more free-format categories, since there’s not really an objective metric which can determine a game’s “quality”. Therefore, I’m going to fire up a few candidates, but am definitely open to other candidates. I’m also not sure of whether or not to include Tyler Gilbert’s no-hitter as a candidate, since it was already well-honored by winning Performance of the Year. Outside of that, the game was probably good but not great. However, I am also willing to hear counter-arguments there.

Here are some possible other contenders. I’ve linked to the SnakePit recap of each game, for your consideration.

May is notable by its entire absence. I also see that the only one of these 14 games I got to recap was the end of the losing streak. :(

As usual, we need to narrow the candidates down to five or thereabouts, for the final poll. This will be done largely on the basis of recs in the comments, though the decision of the judging committee i.e. me, will be final in this regard. Just identify the game in the subject line: date and opponent. If you agree with a choice already made, give it a rec. If you don’t see your choice, post a new comment. I will delete subsequent top-level comments about the same game. I trust this will not be too confusing.