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Snake Bytes: 12/1: Two Minutes to Midnight

MLB and the Player’s Association have until midnight tonight to hammer out a deal before the CBA expires and the owners impose a lockout.

Non-Tender Deadline Adds to Free Agent Pool
The non-tender deadline arrived at 6 p.m. Arizona time last night. As reported here, the Diamondbacks non-tendered Taylor Clarke but did tender a contract to Christian Walker. Those players around the league that joined in the fate of Clarke became free agents, with a bit more than 24 hours with which to sign a new contract before the expiration of the CBA brings a halt to all signings and trades.

Latest Rumblings on CBA
All the eyes of the baseball world will be focused on Irving, Texas today, looking for any signs of movement in the CBA negotiations.

Everything You Need to Know About Looming MLB Lockout
What is a lockout and what does it mean for the sport of baseball?

Previewing the MLB Lockout
What options will the MLBPA have if/when the owners declare a lockout?

Some notable signings from the last 48 hours:

Robbie Ray Signs with Seattle - 5-yr/$115 MM

Daniel Hudson Sullies Himself (again), Signs with Dodgers - 1-yr/$7 MM

Giants Sign Alex Cobb - 2-yr/$20 MM

James Paxton Inks with Boston on Make-Good Deal - 1-yr/$10 MM (with sizeable potential option)