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Your Saturday Sporcle: 20 years ago...

I hope you were paying attention on the SnakePit over the past week...

World Series GM7 X

This one is straightforward. Name the 25 players on the 2001 World Series roster for the Diamondbacks. No positions. No hints. You just need the last names. I think you should probably be able to get 20 of the 25 in the allotted time of six minutes. I mean, they are only the most famous team in franchise history - though I admit, some of you younglings were perhaps not paying attention at the time... :) There are also a couple of bullpen arms which, let’s be honest, are easy to forget. I know this, because I did.

Below is the quiz, or if you’re having an issue with that on your mobile device, here is the link.

Let us know how it goes in the comments. Spoiler text is available to highlight those names that you missed.