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SnakeBytes 11/4: And He Rides Away into the Sunset

St. Buster of the Flowers hangs up his cleats

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Buster Posey, looking almost unrecognizable in a blazer and button down shirt, no tie, smiles as he gestures to the press during his retirement announcement Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Buster Posey officially retired today. Even as a Diamondbacks fan, that’s an odd and... vaguely unsettling sentence to write. The Diamondbacks really grabbed my attention with the “Anybody, Anytime” team of 07, and Buster Posey was drafted fifth overall the next season. He’s been a near constant opponent of the Diamondbacks ever since, and thus for the vast majority of my fandom. I’d wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, but he said in his press conference that he’ll be moving back home to Georgia with his and his wife’s family, so no luck needed. He’s already hit the jackpot.

(The Athletic) Buster Posey’s career was like no other in Giants history

As soon as I started to hear the rumors, I went to go see what Brisbee had to say about it. If you haven’t yet, I suggest you do as well.

(SF Chronicle) Giants legend Buster Posey officially retires, cites family, other reasons

“It was just getting to the point where things that I was enjoying were not as joyful anymore,” Posey said. “No doubt that camaraderie with teammates in the clubhouse, the thrill of winning a great game, I’ll miss.

“But, yeah, I just think weighing all those things, it was ultimately why I didn’t really feel like I wavered at all during the year.”

The rest of MLB

(CBS Sports) MLB’s top 20 offseason trade candidates: Tyler Glasnow, Josh Hader, and Craig Kimbrel among big names

1. Ketel Marte, Diamondbacks

After losing 110 games this season and 35 games during the shortened 60-game season a year ago, nothing can be off the table for the D-Backs, who don’t exactly seem poised for a quick turnaround in the rugged NL West. Marte is one of the most valuable trade commodities in the game given his play and affordable contract. This is as team friendly as it gets:

(ESPN) Joc Pederson, Kyle Schwarber among 10 MLB players to become free agents

NEW YORK — Atlanta outfielder Joc Pederson and Boston infielder-outfielder Kyle Schwarber were among 10 players who became free agents Thursday when they both declined 2022 mutual options in their contracts.

( Ready for Awards season? Here’s your guide

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