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2001 World Series Game 7: 20th anniversary Gameday Thread

Anyone fancy a small wager? :)

World Series GM7 X

Here’s how this will work. Below is the YouTube video of the game. We will be starting to watch it at exactly 7 pm, Arizona time. Useful link: online clock. You may want to queue up the video in advance, and get past the introductory advert. But if you show up late, you can join the game in progress, by skipping to the appropriate point. If you come in at 7:20 pm, skip to the 20-minute mark and we should be there or thereabouts. Of course, there may be slight differences between you and me. But that’s no different from a regular Gameday Thread, where the Bally Sports online stream typically lags a bit behind the action anyway!

To help in recreating the experience, try and act as if this is happening “live,” and avoid obvious spoilers. Yes, we all know how it ends. Just suspend your disbelief for three hours. :)