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Your Saturday Sporcle: 200+ HR Club

26 active players have hit 200 or more homers. Can you name them?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Pittsburgh Pirates

Last week’s quiz was to list the top pitchers and hitters by bWAR. The average score was 41%, so quite a toughie. No real surprises at the top of the chart, where Mike Trout was named by 89% of participants - close to ten percent more than anyone else. Bryce Harper just edged out Albert Pujols and Zack Greinke for second place. At the other end, even with the benefit of their initials, only 5% of participants guessed Ervin Santana, and Johnnie Cueto was also down below ten percent.

This week, we concentrate purely on hitters, and the active members of the 200 HR club. There are three former Diamondbacks present, if that helps. Or maybe just makes you sad. Again, I have provided you with the initials, though if you don’t look at those, feel free to give yourself a pat on the back. More than half e.g. over 13, seems like a good target. Below is the quiz, or here’s your link