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Snake Bytes: 11/13 - Christmas in November

Christmas came early for the Arizona Diamondbacks as they find themselves adding the game’s best pitching coach to their staff.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Strom News

Initial Snake Pit coverage and reactions to the hiring of new pitching coach, Brent Strom, can be found here.

Diamondbacks Hire MLB’s Best to Fix NL’s Worst
The Diamondbacks stumbled and crawled to the worst ERA in the National League in 2021. They hope the hiring of Brent Strom can help address that.

Other Baseball Stuff

Nolan Arenado, Carlos Correa Take Home Platinum Gloves
The award is the first for Correa and the fifth for Arenado. Both players played for the respective Team Gold Glove organizations, the Cardinals and the Astros.

Execs Name Correa Most Coveted Free Agent
Eight of 12 executives polled named the former Astros’ shortstop as the most coveted free agent on the market this winter. This feels a great deal like coming to an agreement that water is wet.

MLBTR’s Top-50 Free Agents (with predictions)
If this holds true, the Carlos Correa will be a Tiger in 2022 and Corey Seager will be playing in the Bronx.

Scott Boras Denigrates Atlanta’s WS Title
It’s almost like no team in the history of baseball has ever made key trades which propelled them to a World Series win. Boras claims this is only possible because of the cancer of tanking. He’s wrong.

Previewing the CBA Talks
Nathaniel Grow from Fangraphs put together an excellent primer for those interested in what all the CBA hoopla is about.

MLB Floats Ludicrous Pay for Performance Proposal
This was not a serious proposal by MLB so much as it was a publicity stunt to keep the talks in the news and to give the illusion that the owners are interested in good faith negotiations before the current CBA expires in December. This is not the first time the notion has been floated, though Fangraphs was not around the last time, when one of the lawyers working for the owners tried to help the idea get traction. That lawyer is now the Commissioner of baseball.