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Your Saturday Sporcle: Tenured Diamondbacks

Who has been here the longest?

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Firstly, a quick scope over the results last week, where we asked you to name the 25 members of the 2001 World Series Diamondbacks roster. Unsurprisingly, this one proved not too difficult, with an average score of 62%. But the back end of the bullpen and the bench proved to be troublesome. Troy Brohawn (guessed by 14%) and Bobby Witt (16%) were the least well-remembered, with Albie Lopez (22%) and Midre Cummings (31%) also largely forgotten. At the other end, you will not be surprised that Luis Gonzalez and Randy Johnson were remember by all but one participant each - hopefully not the same person! Matt Williams and Curt Schilling also ranked over 90% recognition.

Remember at least some of those names, because they might come in handy during this week’s quiz. We’re asking you to remember the players who appeared in six or more seasons for the D-backs. These need not be consecutive. But they do need to have actually taken the field. Spending the entire season on the DL due to a double Tommy John procedure (for a random example, plucked from this air) does not count for the purposes of this quiz. As usual, last names only are good. I’ve given you the first and last seasons as a hint. If you can more than half the 32 names, you’ll be doing well.

The quiz is below, or here’s the link.