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Snake Bytes: 11/01 - All Saints Day

On All Saints Day Dodger fans all over the world are seen paying tribute to their last World Series win, in 1988, a memory past due.

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“All the answers to my questions ... I have to find.”
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Diamondbacks News

[AZ Central] Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Corbin Carroll gets scout’s look at big league games

One of few that visited nearly all most home games was prospect Corbin Carroll, who rehabbed at Salt River Fields after injuring his shoulder after just a few games for Hillsboro. While being in Arizona he thought to make the most of it and take the opportunity to get a close look at MLB pitching.

[] Thomas, Perdomo at top of the class for D-backs

After each season picks for every team the best player for each position according to the season they had in the minors, but regardless of age. Check out who stood out most for each position.

Around The MLB

[CBS Sports] World Series: Astros @ Braves 9-5 (ATL leads series 3-2)

So far for the “Braves in 5”. A historic first inning grand slam from Adam Duvall was not enough for the Atlanta Braves who gave up a 4-0 lead and were kept under control by the Astros’ relievers unlike the faltering of the Braves’ bullpen. A small crack perhaps, but the key relievers of the Atlanta Braves get an extra day of rest now before they return to Houston where they will have to try and take a World Series win. Best moment of yesterday’s game: a legendary and historic pinch hit performance from Zack Greinke. And the karma that catapulted right back at the Braves organist’ makes for a good story line as well.

[ESPN] Minor leaguers want a say in possible MLB vaccine mandate

Apparently it isn’t about the mandate itself: “They never consult with the players about what we want [...] If they do, they do it after the fact. ... If the players collectively were in favor of a vaccine mandate, then yeah, great, we should have a vaccine mandate. It’s just a top-down decision like everything else in minor league baseball.”

Across The Pacific

[South Korea] Landers legend and former D-Back Jamie Romak retires after five years in KBO

Raise your hand if you still remember Jamie Romak! No one? He had 15 AB in 12 games for the 2015 Diamondbacks when he was called up in early August to fill up a void left open after the Pennington trade. After a couple of ups and downs between Phoenix and Reno he was let go in the off-season and no SnakePitter cared. Romak signed with the Yokohama BayStars. After two disappointing seasons in the NPB he finally found success in the KBO with the SK Wyverns who are now called SSG Landers. That success got him some Canada baseball Hall of fame award. Now he hangs up the cleats at the age of 36 after a period of much fun in Asia.

Across The Atlantic

[Belgium] Hoboken Pioneers crowned champions of Belgian Baseball League

I think it is the final European baseball league that is crowning the 2021 champions. In Belgium a Braves team lost, the Brasschaat Braves, and history repeated itself as these indians were beaten by pioneers, only these were from Hoboken (which is a district in the city of Antwerp).