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Your Saturday Sporcle: 2021 Diamondbacks, Part 1

The Sporcle too large for one week!

Stranded Sperm Whale - Lincolnshire Coast Photo by Ian Nicholson - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

As is tradition, we open up the Saturday Sporcles for the winter, by quizzing you on the D-backs who appeared in the season just finished. However, this year, there were just too many of them for a single quiz, with 64 players having pulled on the Sedona Red. Well, while it would technically be possible to create a chonker including them all. But I think we’ll get more participation if we’re not asking people to take hours out of their day. Therefore, the quiz below is just the 28 position players to appear for the Diamondbacks in 2021. This is probably the relatively easy part of the quiz, compared to next week, when you’ll have to remember all the bullpen arms...

As usual, last names only are fine. Since this is the season just ended, I’ll set the target relatively high: 17 or more and you can have a faux gold star. The quiz is below, or you can go through this link if you’re on mobile.