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Meme Monday 10/4: So Long, Goodbye

It’s over

The last game of the season was great! I know a lot of you were hoping the Diamondbacks would lose the last few games in order to get the coveted 1st pick in the draft, but that of course was not the case. In the final game of the year Josh Van CLUTCH saw to it that we win in walk off fashion while securing the 2nd pick instead. Sucks, right? I mean we all know that had we clinched the overall #1 pick that all of our franchise troubles would be over and the team would be a contender in just a few seasons. Right? But now we are stuck with the #2 overall pick and mediocrity for decades to come. Shame. That one draft position, that one player was going to make all the difference for us and now that’s ruined.

Anyway, enjoy the last memes of the season and be sure to share some of your own.