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Rate (or slate!) the 2021 Diamondbacks

We’re getting an early start this year...

D-League Dream Factory Skills Competition Photo by Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images

One of the regular off-season projects here are the player reviews, where we go through everyone who appeared for the team, along with manager Torey Lovullo and GM Mike Hazen. Each gets a performance appraisal of sorts, looking at how they did, their status going into the winter and what they might contribute to the team next year. The order in which they are done is determined by a crowd-source ranking, where SnakePit members get to grade each player on a scale from 1-10. We open with the lowest ranking, and work out way up to the man who received the highest average grade.

With a whopping 64 different players appearing for Arizona this year, compared to only 45 in both 2020 and the last full season, 2019, we’re looking to get the process started quite quickly after the end of the World Series. With almost twenty more to do than last year, we’re also opening it up to any readers who would like to do a guest review or two - along the lines of the guest recaps. However, so they can become part of the review stream, you’d email them to me, rather than do a FanPost. I can then post them with your name attached, as part of the stream. If you are interested, speak up in the comments - I’ll send you the spreadsheet to sign up for particular players after the rankings and order are decided.

Below, you’ll find a link to the survey: to avoid ballot stuffing (hello, Tuffy Gosewisch!), you are expected to provide your SnakePit username, otherwise your ballot may be discarded. We will not be accepting mail-in ballots. :) It’s up to you to decide the specific criteria you use, but I would be inclined to base it off actual value. If someone barely appeared for the team, that should probably not be a “5”. Let’s make the deadline the end of the month, with the aim of getting the player reviews started about a week into November. With a break in the schedule thereafter for the winter meetings, by the time we get everyone done, it’ll almost be time pitchers and catchers report for 2022 spring training!

Link to survey form