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Meme Sunday 10/24: Cross ‘Em Out and Put a ‘K’

The Atlanta Braves have defeated evil and saved baseball

Last night in game 6 of the NLCS the Atlanta Braves were up 4-1 over the Dodgers in the 5th. My cell was already buzzing with messages like, ‘it’s over’, and ‘Braves will win it.’ But I was compelled to not respond with glee or confirmation. My superstitions got the best of me. After all, The Dodgers have been known to be a good team that can come back from such a deficit and bring sadness and tears to us all. But then the game was over. Just like that the Braves won game 6 of the NLCS and advanced to the WS. It was over.

With the Dodgers knocked out I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy. I immediately went to r/baseball and found the thread ‘Dodgers have been eliminated from the postseason.’ 90% of the posts were basically congratulating the Braves and pissing on the 2020 *World Series Champs. I can’t help but agree that this is exactly why 162 games matter so much to prove a true winner - Dodger pitching was worn out. The money spent and the trades made meant JACK SHIT. All the whining about, ‘It’s just not fair that a 106 win team has to play a 1 game wild card’ meant JACK SHIT. In the end the 106 winner lost the NLCS to an 88 game winner. All the Dodger whining about injuries and a tired pitching staff meant JACK SHIT - the Braves were without one of their best players in Acuna and one of their best starters in Soroka. Dodgers can make their excuses and what-ifs all offseason long and it still will not change the fact that the billion-dollar babies were outplayed, and Dave Roberts was out-managed.

FTD, Go Braves!

Now post some memes!