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Snake Bytes 10/21: On The Edge

Red Sox and Dodgers face elimination

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Eddie Rosario’s 4-hit, 2-homer night gives Braves 3-1 lead over Dodger-evil in NLCS

From the article: Rosario banged out four hits in a game for the second time in the National League Championship Series and tied a Braves postseason record with 12 total bases, leading Atlanta to a 9-2 win over the defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday. With the victory, the Braves seized a commanding 3-1 series lead over Los Angeles and can clinch their first pennant since 1999 with a win at Dodger Stadium in Game 5 on Thursday.

Opinion: For battered, once-mighty Dodgers, talk is cheap with season on brink

From the article: “I don’t have an answer,” Roberts said. “Every time I write the lineup out I feel very good about our club and how we match up, and what we’re going to do that particular night. It just hasn’t been as consistent as anyone expected.

“I wish I had an answer, believe me, I do.”

Certainly, the dynamic Turner duo (second baseman Trea and third baseman Justin) have played a significant factor in the offensive collapse. They’re hitting .154 this postseason with just one homer and two RBI.

Justin Turner likely out for rest of postseason with hamstring injury

From the article: Dodgers manager Dave Roberts revealed in his postgame interview that the early indication is that Turner has a Grade 2 strain, which is defined as a partial tear of one or more hamstring muscles.


Will the Braves destroy Dodger-evil and ascend to the World Series?

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  • 42%
    Yes, the Braves will win the NLCS
    (24 votes)
  • 3%
    No, Dodger-evil is relentless and will find a way to win the next 2 games
    (2 votes)
  • 53%
    For God’s sake, DON’T JINX IT YOU MORON!
    (30 votes)
56 votes total Vote Now


FRAMBOSO! Lefty lifts Astros to cusp of AL title

From the article:

“I hit a reset button by letting go of whatever happened the inning prior to that, and after I do that, I focus on what batters are coming next,” Valdez said. “Visualizing myself and what I want to do.”

Few others could have visualized Valdez being able to put the Astros on his broad shoulders and lead them to a 9-1 win over the Red Sox in Game 5 of the ALCS with a masterful performance. Houston returns home for Game 6 on Friday needing one win to reach the World Series for the third time in five seasons.

Red Sox explanation for light coming from center field wall

From the article: Game 5 of the Astros-Red Sox American League Championship Series had a slight delay Wednesday when umpires noticed a light against the outfield wall with the Astros leading big in the sixth inning.

Because the Red Sox have been busted illegally stealing signs before and Red Sox manager Alex Cora was part of the 2017 Astros’ sign-stealing scheme, people immediately jumped to conclusions that something nefarious was going on.

The strike-zone isn’t the problem: The thrilling finish to the Astros-Red Sox game last night was overshadowed by a borderline ball call

From the article:

Yet, here we are, talking about the strike zone, because some bad calls—one in particular—from last night have overshadowed everything that was so compelling about the conclusion of ALCS Game 4.

The score was tied, 2–2, in the top of the ninth inning at Fenway Park. The Astros had runners on first and second with two outs and Jason Castro at the plate. Nathan Eovaldi was pitching for the Red Sox, ahead in the count 1–2. Home plate umpire Laz Díaz’s strike zone was pretty rough all game, but his call on the next pitch was the inflection point that triggered the outcry.


Will the Astros defeat the Rod Sox and make it to another World Series?

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  • 44%
    Yes, the ALCS is all but over
    (19 votes)
  • 11%
    No, The Red Sox will manage to win 2 games in a row
    (5 votes)
  • 44%
    F#@% both of those teams, bro.
    (19 votes)
43 votes total Vote Now

Snek Byte:

Snake so THICC and massive it has to be lifted by crane from bush lair

From the article: t is not clear what kind of snake appears in the video.

Dominica, a Caribbean paradise measuring just 29 miles long and 16 miles wide, has been dubbed ‘the Nature Island’ thanks to its array of wildlife.

One species of snake native to the island is the deadly boa constrictor which can grow up to 13ft.