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Snake Bytes: 1/9 - More Semi-Random Links About Baseball

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If Arizona’s front office happens to read this, would you please give us something to write about and discuss?

Nationals Sign Kyle Schwarber

The Nationals have made a significant, yet underwhelming splash in the pool of free agency. In search of another power bat, Washington has signed former Cubs outfielder, Kyle Schwarber to a modest 1-year/$10 million contract.

Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda Passes

The colourful former skipper of the Los Angeles Dodgers has passed away at the age of 93.

Buster Olney’s Top-10s (ESPN+)

ESPN’s Buster Olney wraps up his offseason series of articles by giving his ranking of the top 10 teams in the game.

With Lindor Gone Another Window Closes

By losing the World Series to the Cubs, the Indians now hold the distinction of having the longest drought between championships. With the trade of superstar Francisco Lindor, the Indians have now fully closed the cometitivewindow that saw them reach the World Series in 2016.