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Snake Bytes: 1/ 2 - Is This Thing On?

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The calendar has flipped to the new year and yet, the offseason still looks much the same as it did in November.

Trevor Bauer Meets with Blue Jays

The combination of Toronto’s financial flexibility and the opening of their competitive window have made them the subject of rumours for nearly every major free agent. Now it seems, there is more reason to consider them potential big players in the offseason, as Trevor Bauer has revealed that he has met with them as a potential suitor.

First Power Rankings of 2021

Despite all the moves by the Padres and the lack of moves by Los Angeles, the Dodgers remain atop the table. One has to scan down fairly deep to find the Diamondbacks, all the way down at 26.

22 Facts About Tatis at 22

Fernando Tatis Jr. turned 22 yesterday. Here are 22 facts about the young phenom to remind fans of baseball why the Padres are poised to be an exciting team to watch for the next five years or so.

Are the Mets and Yankees Battling over LeMahieu?

Will Cohen’s deep pockets allow the Mets to win the Free Agency Battle of New York?

Why the Yu Darvish Trade Should Worry Baseball (ESPN+)

Twenty-nine baseball teams had the opportunity to acquire one of the best pitchers in the world for little more than a handful of lottery tickets, and only one jumped at it. If the frozen free-agent market this winter weren’t enough of a sign that Major League Baseball has a problem with anti-competitiveness, the trade of Yu Darvish to the San Diego Padres sent a clear reminder that inaction isn’t just an on-field problem. - Jeff Passan