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Snake Bytes: 1/13 - Something, Something Watching Paint Dry...

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Your Wednesday morning dose of non-news

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MLB: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks Sean Logan-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks Top-5 Offensive Performances

Steve Gilbert ranks his top five single-game offensive performances in team history. No bonus points for guessing the top performance in this category. SOmething tells me it may still hold the title in 20 more years.

MLB Will Not Mandate Vaccination, COVID Testing

When MLB gets back to business this summer, it will not be requiring fans to be tested for COVID or to have taken the vaccination. Nor will MLB be doing temperature checks on fans wishing to enter stadiums.

Do Successful Steals Apply Extra Pressure?

Sadly, for those who are fans of exciting small ball, the more that the stolen base is examined, the larger the argument for not taking the risk.

Trashcangate One Year Later

A year removed from the scandal how are the Astros viewed now, and what is next for MLB?

Why MLB Expansion is on Hold (The Athletic)

Ken Rosenthal examines some of the obstacles facing the overdue expansion of MLB to 32 teams.