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Pit Your Wits 2020: Week 7

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Last week, I asked you to compare Diamondbacks players to songs. This week, we’ll use a different form of media

Hannah Cockroft, winner of the Woman’s 400 meter wheelchair race at the Muller British Athletics Championships Photo by British Athletics - Handout/British Athletics via Getty Images

Last week, we had a clear winner. He was the first person to post, and basically no one else got any recs all week long. While the winning post was very worthy, I would remind you all that you are allowed to, nay encouraged, to rec multiple posts! Anyway, without further ado, congrats to NikT77 with 8 recs!

Tim Locastro - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

In second, with a suggestion that is just as good, in my opinion, we find AZDbacksFanInDC, with three recs!

The entire Dbacks bullpen - Dust in the wind - Kansas

And rounding out our podium this week, we have a three way tie with two recs a piece for third place!

Jack Sommers

Torey Lovullo when he walks out to hand out the line up card gets a walk up song too - Stand By Me


Eduardo Escobar, I’m Proud Of You by Mister Rogers

Preston Salisbury

If Jake Lamb’s bat ever recovers he should walk up to Robert Johnson’s Crossroads Blues, because we’ll know exactly how he got his offense back

And now for our updated standings. With his big week, Nik rockets up the standings. He’s going to go from dead last, to a tie for third with Rockkstarr, putting him in contention for the finale with just a few weeks left. However, Preston is just behind them both with 9 recs, making everything quite interesting.


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 16
Diamondhacks 14
NikT77 11
Rockkstarr12 11
Preston Salisbury 9
AzRattler 5
ChuckJohnson56 5
Justin27 5
Tucson Tim 4
FootstepsFalco16 3
onedotfive 3
Tyler Olsen 3

This week, we’ll do something similar to the walk up song challenge from last week, but slightly different. I want you to find a TV Series that you think best represents the Diamondbacks 2020 season, and explain your reasoning. Go!