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Snake Bytes: 9/26 - Doubling Down

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The Diamondbacks kicked off their final series of the season by taking both halves of a double-header*

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Two Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Colorado 0, Arizona 4

Zac Gallen was the story in this game. Arizona’s newest ace pitched six innings of shutout baseball.

Colorado 5, Arizona 11

While game one was about Zac Gallen’s pitching, game two was about Arizona’s offense coming to life.

Gallen Wraps Up Breakout Season

Zac Gallen looked good in a small sample size last season. Last night, he wrapped up his 2020 campaign with a career high 10 strikeouts through six shutout innings, firmly solidifying himself as Arizona’s pitching ace.

Pavin Smith Homers, Diamondbacks Cruise to Victory

The Diamondbacks jumped all over the Rockies, putting up six in the first inning, giving Taylor Clarke some breathing room. Pavin Smith ended the Arizona’s scoring for the night when he hit his first career home run in the bottom of the fifth, putting the Diamondbacks up by seven.

Arizona Scores Big in Double Header

After Zac Gallen led the Diamondbacks to a game one victory, the Arizona offense stepped on the gas to open game two and the team never looked back.

Around Baseball

The Many Debuts of 2020

The extraordinary circumstances of the 2020 season resulted in a number of top prospects all making their debuts this season.

NL Cy Young Race Too Close to Call

Jacob deGrom continues to do historic things on the mound. Trevor Bauer was utterly dominant, but faced a much weaker schedule. Then there is Swiss Army Pitcher, Yu Darvish and his 11 different pitches. A vote for any of these three is not necessarily a wrong vote. Welcome to another wrinkle of the shortened season.

Ronald Acuña hits longest Home Run of 2020

Ronald Acuña’s leadoff home run off of the Red Sox Chris Mazza was tracked at 495 feet.

Standings Watch

Colorado: 25-33/.431/-77 RunDIff
Baltimore: 24-34/.414/-19

Arizona: 24-34/.414/-27

Washington: 23-34/.404/-21
Detroit: 22-34/.393/-68
Boston: 22-36/.379/-73
Texas: 20-38/.345/-97
Pittsburgh: 18-40/.310/-85