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Snake Bytes 9/25: Double header time!

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One more first in this crazy season

An under exposed picture of Yoan Lopez delivering a pitch, representing the twilight of the season Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Diamondbacks play a double header today to make up for the game that was missed due to the social justice walkout back in August. It will be the first double header played under the 2020 rules for the Diamondbacks, and hopefully the only two games in franchise history that will be scheduled seven inning games.

Not a whole lot in Dbacks news, but a few interesting national stories for you to enjoy while sipping your coffee

(Yahoo! Sports) Rob Manfred says MLB plans to allow fans to attend NLCS and World Series in 2020

Texas is one of the states that has allowed spectators to attend sporting events in 2020. Over 21,000 fans attended the Dallas Cowboys’ home opener Sunday. That figure was a record during the coronavirus.

Because of that, MLB is looking to host fans at games held at Globe Life Field for the final two rounds of the postseason held there. (California is not allowing fans, so the ALCS would not be attended by any spectators.)

(ESPN) Turner Sports expands rights deal with MLB through 2028

This is the second of the three rights deals that MLB has extended. It reached an extension with Fox two years ago that also runs through 2028. Commissioner Rob Manfred said negotiations with ESPN are ongoing about renewing that network’s deal beyond the 2021 season.

(Awful Announcing) MLB wants the federal government to let clubs use “more robust mitigation efforts” against drones

“There have been five total drone delays in Major League Baseball this season from people flying unauthorized drones over MLB ballparks during games, leading to players being called off the field and to those games being temporarily postponed... That’s a concern for the league, but current federal laws limit what they can do about it.”

Personally, I feel like any new regulations regarding this need to be known as The Bauer Law...

(The Ringer) Long Before WAR, Nobody Knew What MLB Players Were Worth

WAR and its forebears have helped us establish the lower and upper bounds of how valuable big leaguers can be. Before those stats existed, sabermetric godfather Bill James says, “We just really did not know, you know? Until we worked things out, we just had no concept of the scale of elements of the game.”