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Diamondbacks 4, Rockies 0: One Last Pint...

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You wait ages for a shutout, then two come along almost back to back... Zac Gallen sets a new high for the D-backs with 10 K’s.

just one more...........

Well, here we are folks. At the end of a strange season, in a dread year that’s not even over yet. So I encourage you to enjoy one more pint with me as I write my last suds filled beercap of the season.

Raise a pint in remembrance of the 2020 Dbacks my fellow fanatics. May next season/year be better than this!

Beer 1: Tiger Billionaire Triple IPA by Modern Times 10.4%abv

It’s Gallen’s last hurrah as well today and what better way to send him off than with a glass of a truly decadent IPA; juicy, bold tropical flavor that deviously masks its huge abv.

Gallen sure as shit is looking devious up there on the mound with his 3ks in the 1st. He’s the future folks, and one of the few bright spots this season.

Our bats aren’t so devious in our half of the 1st, but that’s kinda been the problem (part of at least) this year, hasn’t it? No offense often, or at all, will lose you a ton of games. Hopefully that changes next year.....

Beer 2: Temple of Ruin IPA by Modern Times & Burial Beer Co. 7%abv

Don’t judge me please, that last beer was only an 8oz pour, this is proper pint and should last me through a couple innings.

This ale, unlike the last, is far more bitter forward, but the malt profile helps tone down that initial bite helping to round out a very fresh tasting pint. I like. Kinda grabs your attention and then eases you back in your seat.

Gallen keeps grabbing my attention, this time with another K to get him out of a bit of a jam in the 2nd with men on the corners. Good stuff, but still no lead to talk about.

Peralta and Ahmed get on in the 2nd, leaving it up to the young Pavin Smi......who lines one to a double play. Dammit. Still tied at zero goin in to the 3rd.

Gallen is absolutely money through three innings. Seriously, he’s one of the only reasons I’ve been watching this season and he’ll be that reason in future years as well. He’s legit and already light years better than MadBum.

Walker!!!!! Finally we get some offense as he UNLOADS a thhhhiiiiiccccccc bomb deep in to left field driving in Varsho and making this a 2-0 Dbacks lead. I’ll drink to that.

Kole gets on immediately after and Escobar drives him home with a triple thereafter. Escobar, now there’s a DBack I expect to improve next season. Big time. 3-0 Dbacks.

Kemp get tossed after being owned by Gallen. Lawwwwllllllllllll.

Beer 3: Fresh Hop Amarillo IPA by Dark Sky 7% abv

Taking another shift towards the hop forward beers, this one doesn’t hit as hard off the bat (see what I did there?) but it’s pleasantly smooth overall despite being just as bitter. Basically if the first beer was like cresting a big way this is like hiking atop of lofty plateau.

No excitement in our half of the 4th, but with a shortened inning game due to the double header we may be able to hold on. In Gallen we trust!!!!

Tapia apparently is the only Rockies who can figure out Gallen, for after 5innings he’s gotten aboard 3 times whereas Gallen has owned the Rocks to the tune of 9ks through five. I’ll take Gallen on that comparison.

Marte and Walker single time lead off the 5th, followed by a walk to Kole to juice the bases for Escobar. I like this kind of party!

Escobar, gets aboard on a fielders choice, so we still got another chance at emptying some bases with The Freight Train.

Peralta does not disappoint and we now have a 4-0 lead with a clutch single. I’ll take it!

Beer 4 the last hurrah: Strata Double IPA by Tombstone Brewing Co.

My last hurrah folks, but not the end, just the end of this season’s beer for the beer caps. Had to finish on an AZ beer of course and this hazy is big on the juicy mouthfeel but with a very dry finish which helps highlight that great hop bite and the slight fruitiness as well.

Gallen might be better suited with a scythe up on the mound with how he’s cutting down the Rockies. 10ks though 6 innings is good work and I dare say he’s gonna close this game out.

We had chances in the bottom of the 6th to tack on more runs, but didn’t. Luckily that didn’t matter too much and we didn’t even need Gallen to finish things up.

Thus my writing has ended for thus season. Love you all and hope you all conclude this wild year in a good way.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Achtung Baby: Zac Gallen, +31.0%
The Joshua Tree: Christian Walker, +23.8%
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb: Pavin Smith, -10.6%

Present in the Gameday Thread were: AzDbackfanInDc, ChuckJohnson56, GuruB, Jack Sommers, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, NikT77, Oldenschoole, Preston Salisbury, Smurf1000, Snake_Bitten, edbigghead, gzimmerm, kilnborn, since_98, therealramona. Jack’s mystery ball was the Comment of the Night:

Definitely a good luck charm... Let’s hope he also got one from Taylor Clarke, as he’ll be starting the night-cap of this double-header in less than 30 minutes... So, don’t touch that dial!