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Snake Pit Sim Season: Off-Day Update

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The penultimate update of the simulated 2020 regular season.

Team Record: 83-76, 2nd in NL West, 2nd in Wild Card standings

The B.L.U.F.: The Diamondbacks remain masters of their own fate, but with zero margin for error.

As the previous update was only three days ago, this one will be quite brief. Since we last checked in on the simulated season, the Virtual Diamondbacks have played two games against the San Francisco Giants. They split that two-game series. In that same span, the Padres have not lost. That means, the Diamondbacks now have a magic number of three, with three games remaining) to clinch the second Wild Card spot in the NL. If the Diamondbacks can win out their final three games against the Colorado Rockies, it does not matter what the San Diego Padres do, the Diamondbacks are in. However, if San Diego wins out and the Diamondbacks lose even one game, then the Diamondbacks miss out on October baseball. This would be especially painful given that the team has been solidly ensconced in a playoff position since they recovered from the early season losing skid back in March and April.

The match-ups of the starters for the two games line up as such:

Luke Weaver (13-3, 359) vs Jon Gray (9-6, 3.64)
Braxton Garrett (11-6, 3.63) vs Antonio Senzatela (12-13, 4.48)
TBD vs Kyle Freeland (7-10, 5.16)

The starting pitcher on the final day will be determined by the Diamondbacks’ playoff position entering the final game of the season. Possible starters for the game are Corbin Martin and Zac Eflin, depending on the situation.

Check back in three days to see how the final results of the regular season turn out and to see if there will be virtual October baseball.