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Snake Bytes 9/24: Sweep ‘em out of Town

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The Diamondbacks end the Texas Rangers and Wyatt breaks out

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News:

Wyatt Mathisen’s 1st 2 MLB HR’s fuel D-backs win

Mathisen was 2 for 18 coming into yesterday’s game.

“It felt great, obviously,” Mathisen said. “It’s a dream come true to hit home runs in the big leagues. It was awesome. I just wanted to get the barrel on the ball. That’s been my main focus. The first thing I felt was it get on the barrel and I was like, ‘Great, that’s a good start.’ And then I saw where it was and was like, ‘It’s got a shot.’ It went out, and it was awesome.”

D-backs sweep Rangers, but how will that impact draft position?

The Diamondbacks will not pick first overall in next year’s draft — that honor likely will go to the Pittsburgh Pirates — but these final games could determine whether they end up in the Top 5 or near the back of the Top 10.

Mike Hazen still believes in the team’s core talent

“I never saw anything that would infringe on why we shouldn’t be better. We didn’t perform when it mattered. Again, that starts with me. We’re going to have conversations in and around those things with the coaching staff, and where the messages aren’t connecting or hitting. Yes, there probably is a piece to that that is happening — I don’t necessarily point to the coaches as the sole reason why the message is … not being received.”

Dbacks acknowledge Eduardo Escobar putting on weight was a ‘concern’

Torey Lovullo acknowledged that was indeed the case.

“Yes, it was a concern and, yes, it was addressed and, yes, I would like to see it changed,” he said.

Dbacks radio engineer Leo Gilmarten follows in Dad’s footsteps

“Sports was everywhere I turned,” he says. “My dad was unassuming about it. I get a little embarrassed the more I drop the names.”

Baseball News:

MLB makes independent Atlantic League it’s 1st ‘partner league’

“The Atlantic League clubs and players have been great partners to us as we jointly test ways to make our game even more interesting and engaging to fans,” Morgan Sword, MLB’s executive vice president of baseball economics and operations, said in a statement.

Betty Bushman Obituary: Pioneering baseball announcer, dies at 89

“When he (KC A’s owner Charles Finley) first hired me, he told me that he wanted me to wear Kelly green and that awful yellow and I said, ‘Your male broadcasters wear that?’” “And he said, ‘Well of course not,’ and I said, ‘Neither does your female one.’ In the beginning I would listen and then hang up politely. Later on I’d just hear his voice and I’d just hang up.” – Fountain City Frequency Blog in 2018

Fans find a way to watch baseball (live) during the pandemic

Excellent photos covering fans from 10 baseball cities sneaking peaks at live MLB

Snek Byte:

Man told snakeskin is not a legitimate face covering - ‘especially when it’s still attached to the snake’

One passenger, who asked not to be named, said at first she thought the man was wearing a “funky mask” before she spotted the creature slithering over the hand rails.