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Snake Bytes: 9/23 - Total Victory

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So, this is what it looks like when the team plays well on both sides.

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Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Texas 0, Arizona 7

Caleb Smith and Riley Smith combined to throw a shutout. Carson Kelly had a three-run home run. Eduardo Escobar even had multiple hits. This, combined with sloppy Texas defense, led to a fun, lopsided win for Arizona.

The Smiths

How soon is now? Or, how soon can we see these two pitch again? Things started off rough. Caleb Smith opened the game by walking the bases loaded. He then got out of the inning without allowing a score by getting the next three hitters. He completed four innings. Riley Smith came on in relief and struck out seven while throwing five more innings of scoreless baseball.

Caleb and Riley Smith Lead the Way

The pair of Arizona pitchers gave Arizona fans something to think about during the offseason. Pavin Smith notched an RBI. Carson Kelly looked good. The winning seemed contagious.

Marte Returns, Rojas Departs

Ketel Marte made his return from the IL. Josh Rojas promptly went onto it. Given how little of the season is left, that ends Rojas’ season.

Around Baseball

13 Veterans Still in Search of a Ring

There are a few names on this list I would be perfectly happy to see retire still searching for that first World Series ring.

AL MVP Race a Matter of Philosophy

Three names have risen to the top of the list in the AL MVP race. How the race shakes out will depend on how writers from the BBWAA decide to weight different parts of the game, as all three have a case to make for the award.

Yankees’ Randy Levine to Argue on Behalf of Team in Court (The Athletic)

As the Yankees continue to fight a court-ordered release of “the Yankees Letter,” they’re taking an uncommon step: The team’s president, Randy Levine, plans to argue the case himself.

Standings Watch

Kansas City: 22-33/.400/-36 RunDiff
Arizona: 21-34/.382/-41 RunDIff
Boston: 21-34/.382/-68 RunDIff
Texas: 19-36/.345/-86 RunDiff
Pittsburgh: 16-39/.291/-92 RunDiff