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Bruteside Chat: Ralph the Eye in the Sky

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The Brutes speak with Ralph Kelso: High Home Cameraman

Well, technical difficulties can occur, and last week they did occur. Thus we had to re-shoot our interview with the glorious (and very gracious) Ralph Kelso yesterday, and he was as good and maybe even better than last week.

Ralph, who has been the high home cameraman since the dawn of the D-backs, had quite a bit to say about the uniqueness and strangeness of filming in this season among other things. My favorite story involved a small bird of prey and a bat. True story.

So sit back, cozy up to that fire, and enjoy yet another episode of the Bruteside Chats......

See also, our previous interview with Ralph, at Chase Field. Back when the general public were allowed into Chase Field... Ah, how long ago that all seems now!