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Pit Your Wits 2020: Week 9

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What did I miss?

A soccer trophy that looks kind of like a hubcap from a car, with a filter on it to make everything look shiny Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

First of all, I’d like to give Jim a huge thank you for covering me last week and making sure that PYW’s went on, despite my attention being needed elsewhere. It’s been a rough couple weeks, and it’s always good to be reminded that there are people in your life who are ready and willing to help you out when you need it.

While I was away, Jim asked you all to come up with a better mascot than everyone’s new favorite pest infestation. I’m not sure we achieved better, to be honest, but we did achieve... different. In first place, we find Rockkstarr12, with 8 recs!

The Invisible Man. Why the Invisible Man, you ask? Because like our pitching and offense, its invisible

In second place with seven recs, appearing on the podium for the fourth straight week, Jack Sommers, with an accurate, but nevertheless depressing, suggestion

Introducing.......D-Poop. In order to truly represent the team on the field, and the 2020 baseball season in general, the team has decided to go with the iconic and highly appropriate D-Poop for the balance of the season. Enjoy his antics as he runs out on the field and poops at home plate, the pitchers mound and all around the field, hilariously mimicking the players and coaches. (accompanied by a picture someone dressed in a costume as a poop emoji)

Rounding out our top three, we find onedotfive with four recs. There may be some issues with that whole “copyright” thing, but definitely on the right track...

Baghead the zombie (accompanied by a picture of the character Baghead Zombie from the mobile game “Plants vs. Zombies”)

Now for the updated standings. Jack extends his lead to a very comfortable 12 points over second place, while Rockkstarr is now in sole possession of third place. No one should get too comfortable, however, as both NikT and onedotfive are well within striking distance of claiming the third spot in the final round...


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 33
Diamondhacks 21
Rockkstarr12 19
onedotfive 14
NikT77 11
Preston Salisbury 9
Ridster09 6
AzRattler 5
ChuckJohnson56 5
Justin27 5
Tucson Tim 4
AzDbacksFanInDC 3
FootstepsFalco16 3
Tyler Olsen 3

Well folks, it’s all come down to this. With the end of the regular season of MLB just eight days away, that means that this is the final week of our regular season. Who will advance to the playoff round? That is to be decided right now. To do that, though, we need one more prompt.

With how poorly the Diamondbacks have done lately, the order of the 2021 draft has been a frequent topic of conversation here and elsewhere in the fandom. As many are happy to point out, how the order of the draft will be determined has yet to be officially announced. Help our poor friend, Rob Manfred, out. Come up with the best criteria for determining the order of the draft. Go!