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Snake Bytes: 8/8 - Not Quite a Streak

The Diamondbacks were not able to win a third in a row after travelling to San DIego

Arizona 0, San Diego 3

Apparently, the Diamondbacks left their newfound offense in Phoenix. THe Snakes were blanked by the Friars pitching on Friday night. Oh, and Fernando Tatis, Jr is good at baseball.

Weaver Pulled After Three in Loss to San Diego

Luke Weaver’s nemesis has returned. The right-hander issued two runs on two hits and a walk in only three innings. Both of those hits left the yard.

Related: Weaver’s Short Outing Was Planned

In response to the trend of Luke Weaver starting to flag in the fourth and fifth innings, Torey Lovullo made the decision to slate Weaver for only three innings of work on Friday night.

Starting Pitcher Workloads Significantly Reduced

Luke Weaver is not the only starting pitcher to see the length of his outings curtailed.

COVID-19 Schedule Changes Doing Phillies No Favors

The current schedule, which appears to already be waiting for further adjustments due to further positive test results coming out of St. Louis, has the Phillies having to play seven games in six days, in three cities in the middle of August. It should be noted that, while the Phillies did have a staffer test positive, the players have, so far, avoided catching the virus. Staying safe has not helped them avoid the pitfalls of this condensed season.