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Brute Side Chat 8/25: Featuring Jack Sommers and Nick Piecoro

In which Patrick mis-reads “beat writer” as “beer writer”... :)

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Brute Side Chat. This week we were fortunate to be joined by Jack Sommers and also beat writer, Nick Piecoro.

Topics include:

  • How a non-existent 2020 minor league season/system could affect the team and the league in 2021 and beyond.
  • The 2020 trade deadline (aug 31st 4 p.m.) Will teams be likely to make big moves?
  • Is Torey’s job, or any other coaches job really “safe” this season?
  • The Dbacks’ bullpen woes and Torey’s recent decision to make bullpen adjustments.

Plus much MUCH more. We definitely want to thank Jack Sommers and Nick Piecoro for joining us.