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Pit Your Wits 2020: Week 4

So what reasons for Jake Lamb’s continued presence did you come up with?

A cool fish eye lens picture of the front stretch and grandstands of Indianapolis Motor Speedway as well as the trophy for the Indy 500 Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I asked you to find the reason that Jake Lamb was still on the team. Lots of good suggestions, some fantastic, some based in current events, but the top one goes to ChuckJohnson56 with 5 recs!

Per an anonymous source, herein to be referred to as the voices in my head... About 30 years and seven months ago, the owner of the team was in Seattle on business and stopped at a Gentleman’s Club for “dinner.” Afterwards he retreated to his room for dessert, who we shall call Mary. Well, about nine months later, Mary had a little Lamb, and here we are.

Right behind with four recs is Preston!

Witness protection a Jake Lamb doppelganger turned mob informant, and so the best place to hide him was on the Diamondbacks roster. Meanwhile, the real Jake Lamb decided to help diamond miners in the Congo, which is why we haven’t heard of him. I’m sure ESPN will do a 30 for 30 on this in a few years.

Rounding out our top three, we find Hacks with a perfectly understated suggestion for three recs...

He protects Goldschmidt

Three weeks in, and there is very little separation on the leader board. Jack has a solid four point lead, but Hacks, Preston, and Rockkstarr are tied for second, and Chuck is now just two recs behind them.


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 11
Diamondhacks 7
Preston Salisbury 7
Rockkstarr12 7
ChuckJohnson56 5
FootstepsFalco16 3
NikT77 3
onedotfive 3

Super close, with really everyone on the board having a chance of being in first place by the end of next week. But to do that, we first need another prompt. We’re now a month into the season. In five words or less, summarize your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the Diamondbacks so far. Go!