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Arizona Diamondbacks announce 60-game schedule for 2020

For the first time, the team will open the year at Petco.

Arizona Diamondbacks Summer Workouts Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Major League Baseball announced the 2020 60-game D-backs schedule which will consist of 10 games against the Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants plus Interleague matchups against all five AL West teams. The D-backs will face the Houston Astros (six games), Oakland Athletics (four), Texas Rangers (four), Seattle Mariners (three) and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (three).

The D-backs will open the season on July 24 @ Padres, marking the first time in franchise history that the team has started a season in San Diego. The home opener will be held at Chase Field on July 30 vs. Dodgers, one of seven home games against Los Angeles while the team will play only three games at Dodger Stadium. The 7-3 split of home-to-road games will also be the case against the Rockies, while the D-backs will host the Padres and Giants just three times while playing seven games each in San Diego and San Francisco.

The first road trip of the season will see the D-backs play a two-game series against the Rangers in the first-ever homestand at Globe Life Field. The Rangers and A’s will each come to Chase Field for a two-game series during the 2020 season while the Astros and Mariners will both play three games at Chase Field. The only AL West city that the D-backs will not play in is Seattle while Arizona will not host the Angels.

Arizona will close out the season with a five-game homestand from Sept. 22-27 vs. Texas and Colorado. The D-backs are currently scheduled for two exhibition games at Dodger Stadium on July 19 (6:10 p.m.) and July 20 (6:40 p.m.). At this time, tickets are not available for games to be played at Chase Field. If tickets do go on sale for future games, additional information will be made available.

Diamondbacks schedule 2020

Date Opponent Start
Date Opponent Start
Fri Jul 24 @ Padres 6:10 pm MST
Sat Jul 25 @ Padres 6:10 pm MST
Sun Jul 26 @ Padres 1:10 pm MST
Mon Jul 27 @ Padres 1:10 pm MST
Tue Jul 28 @ Rangers 6:05 pm MST
Wed Jul 29 @ Rangers 1:05 pm MST
Thu Jul 30 vs. Dodgers 6:40 pm MST
Fri Jul 31 vs. Dodgers 6:40 pm MST
Sat Aug 1 vs. Dodgers 5:10 pm MST
Sun Aug 2 vs. Dodgers 1:10 pm MST
Mon Aug 3
Tue Aug 4 vs. Astros 6:10 pm MST
Wed Aug 5 vs. Astros 6:10 pm MST
Thu Aug 6 vs. Astros 4:15 pm MST
Fri Aug 7 @ Padres 6:10 pm MST
Sat Aug 8 @ Padres 6:10 pm MST
Sun Aug 9 @ Padres 1:10 pm MST
Mon Aug 10 @ Rockies 5:40 pm MST
Tue Aug 11 @ Rockies 5:40 pm MST
Wed Aug 12 @ Rockies 12:10 pm MST
Thu Aug 13
Fri Aug 14 vs. Padres 6:40 pm MST
Sat Aug 15 vs. Padres 5:10 pm MST
Sun Aug 16 vs. Padres 1:10 pm MST
Mon Aug 17 vs. Athletics 6:40 pm MST
Tue Aug 18 vs. Athletics 3:10 pm MST
Wed Aug 19 @ Athletics 6:40 pm MST
Thu Aug 20 @ Athletics 6:40 pm MST
Fri Aug 21 @ Giants 6:45 pm MST
Sat Aug 22 @ Giants 6:15 pm MST
Sun Aug 23 @ Giants 1:10 pm MST
Mon Aug 24 vs. Rockies 6:40 pm MST
Tue Aug 25 vs. Rockies 6:40 pm MST
Wed Aug 26 vs. Rockies 6:40 pm MST
Thu Aug 27 vs. Rockies 3:10 pm MST
Fri Aug 28 vs. Giants 6:40 pm MST
Sat Aug 29 vs. Giants 5:10 pm MST
Sun Aug 30 vs. Giants 1:10 pm MST
Mon Aug 31
Tue Sep 1 @ Dodgers 6:40 pm MST
Wed Sep 2 @ Dodgers 6:40 pm MST
Thu Sep 3 @ Dodgers 6:40 pm MST
Fri Sep 4 @ Giants 6:45 pm MST
Sat Sep 5 @ Giants 6:15 pm MST
Sun Sep 6 @ Giants 1:05 pm MST
Mon Sep 7 @ Giants 6:15 pm MST
Tue Sep 8 vs. Dodgers 6:40 pm MST
Wed Sep 9 vs. Dodgers 6:40 pm MST
Thu Sep 10 vs. Dodgers 6:40 pm MST
Fri Sep 11 vs. Mariners 6:40 pm MST
Sat Sep 12 vs. Mariners 5:10 pm MST
Sun Sep 13 vs. Mariners 1:10 pm MST
Mon Sep 14
Tue Sep 15 @ Angels 6:40 pm MST
Wed Sep 16 @ Angels 6:40 pm MST
Thu Sep 17 @ Angels 1:10 pm MST
Fri Sep 18 @ Astros 5:10 pm MST
Sat Sep 19 @ Astros 4:10 pm MST
Sun Sep 20 @ Astros 11:10 am MST
Mon Sep 21
Tue Sep 22 vs. Rangers 6:10 pm MST
Wed Sep 23 vs. Rangers 3:10 pm MST
Fri Sep 25 vs. Rockies 6:40 pm MST
Sat Sep 26 vs. Rockies 5:10 pm MST
Sun Sep 27 vs. Rockies 12:10 pm MST