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D-backs fans: Confident in the off-field staff, less so in the pitching

I wonder if things would be any different now?

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Arizona Diamondback v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

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In last week’s SB Nation Reacts survey fans were asked to take a deeper look at the team. They voted separately on the pitching staff, lineup and coaching staff/front office.

Pitching Staff

In this area, I think it might have been illuminating to have divided this between the starting pitching and the relievers. Personally. I have had significantly more confidence in our rotation than the bullpen, based on experience and previous performance. That... might have been shaken a bit by the Padres series, though coming to any conclusions based on one start, is likely a fool’s errand.


I would agree, in that I am confident in about half of the current line-up. The Marte “brothers” have been excellent, Kole Calhoun a pleasant surprise and Christian Walker... okay. I appreciate that, overall, hitters have been behind. Even with the addition of the DH, the National League is collectively hitting just .227, 24 points lower than in the 2019 season, with an OPS 54 points down. But even by those standards, everyone else seems to have a lot to prove, particularly Carson Kelly, David Peralta, Nick Ahmed and Eduardo Escobar.

Coaching Staff & General Manager

Despite all the weirdness, it seems that Torey Lovullo, Mike Hazen and their respective staff do still have the support of the great majority of fans. Again, it might have been nice to have a split here. I think people might have some issues about the management of the pitching staff over the weekend, while there’s precious little Hazen can really do at this point. Except join the rest of us, in hoping the Diamondbacks don’t find themselves in a Marlins-like situation, where the “taxt” squad ends up being more of a corporate fleet of buses...

Nationally, fans were asked how they felt about the 2020 season as a whole with 69 percent of fans saying this season is still meaningful. Fans were also asked if they thought players would hit home runs at a similar pace as previous years, but only seven percent thought a single player would hit at least 40 home runs. I’m surprised it was that many!

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