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Snake Bytes: 7/24 - Wrong Sort of Start

Maybe having MadBum throw 100 pitches wasn’t so great after all.

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MadBum’s Slow, Strong Performance Spoiled by Hosmer

With two outs in the sixth inning, Madison Bumgarner was allowed to reach the 100-pitch mark, despite comments earlier in the week that we would not be seeing 85-100 pitches out of the gate. Bumgarner’s velocity was down, having not reached 90 mph in the game. He still dominated, throwing 5 23 scoreless innings. Then a pair of walks in the sixth loaded the bases for Eric Hosmer. Hosmer lifted one to right, clearing the bases and hanging MadBum with the loss. It seems the Diamondbacks are still looking for their bats.

Red Sox Shut Down Eduardo Rodriguez Due to ‘Complications’

Eduardo Rodriguez did not have what would amount to a “bad” bout of COVID-19. That did not stop him from developing post-COVID myocarditis. The Red Sox are not taking any chances and are closely monitoring the health of their left-handed hurler as his mild condition is monitored and tracked.

Yelich BP Homer Breaks Wrigley Video Board

Just another reason for the Cubs to dislike the Brewers.

Kyle Hendricks Opens Season with CGSO

Maybe Christian Yelich shouldn’t have broken the video board at Wrigley.

How Big an Issue is Kershaw’s Back?

For all the hand-wringing over this being such a short season that significant lost time might sink a team, the Dodgers look to be just fine in the pitching department, despite the absences of both David Price and now, Clayton Kershaw.

The Buffalo Blue Jays (The Athletic)

How the Toronto Blue Jays wound up living what the players felt was the worst-case scenario.