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Snake Pit Sim Season: 7/22 - User Error (Snakes Win)

The Diamondbacks beat the Twins on Wednesday, I just need to figure out how to show it.

This entry is mostly a placeholder. Well, I hope it is just a placeholder. Just a bit of friendly advice to those of you out there who like to stay up late gaming - trying to juggle three projects in a simulation when up for nearly three hours past one’s bedtime is ill-advised.

The simulated season is complete on my end. That has been the case for a short time now. However, I learned to my dismay that if one goes too far beyond the end of the season, OOTP moves the results of the season somewhere new. I have yet to find where. I do know all the data is there. I can look up all sorts of daily specifics. I just cannot find the box scores, game logs, and replays.

I do know that the Diamondbacks downed the Twins in tonight’s match-up. This was despite a mediocre outing from Zach Eflin as the starter. Archie Bradley notched another save.

With the real Diamondbacks resuming play on Friday, I was planning on switching to weekly updates anyway. I just need to find tonight’s game, along with Thursday’s. After that, I can roll with the information I already can find. I can tell you all this much, the season has some very interesting storylines developing.